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Green Oak

Green oak will mature, its character will become enriched during the drying process.  When oak its freshly cut oak or has a high moisture content (green), it is relatively soft and workable.  When it begins to dry cracks and bends and twists start to form,  often a little unpredictively.  This natural drying process adds a level of organic beauty to a work.  One needs to embrace cracks and enthral in the natural forms. 

The moisture content of your Oak is likely to be about 35% when green and end up at about 18% once 'dry', the temperature of your home or climate will have a significant effect and over time the wood will tend to have a moisture content similar to its prevailing environment.

For conditioning  we recommend a gentle, frequent oiling and waxing, this will ensure prime condition but will not necessarily prevent cracking.  We suggest using Tong oil (unless you have a nut alergy) or white mineral oil (unless you distrust pharmaceuticals companies or oil industry by products) and a natural bees wax, perhaps thinned a little with a white spirit.   

We prefer natural products so would often select a vegetable or nut or olive based oil.

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