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diBosco web site map and summary

from or inspired by the forest for natural living - diBosco is the home for items inspired or made from products of the forrest.    All diBosco products are hand made by artisans in the United Kingdom.   We do not mass produce or subcontract any element of production, this means that we are always delighted to modify and design items to suit customers exact requirements.   You may need to fit an item into a specific location or to match and integrate to your interior styles.   

Rustic wooden present ideas

We have a range of great, affordable and personalised present ideas.  Wood is an ideal fifth (5th) wedding anniversary present.   The traditional wooden gift represents the strength and bond of your marriage.  Greeen oak is long lasting and develops increased character over time.    

All diBosco products can be made more personal for your special celebration.   Our Trivets make a simple and yet intensely personal gift idea, whilst a personalised mirror is brilliant to represent the reflective and considered approach a good marriage can benefit from.   

  • Holders stands for your iPad or tablet computer - these project the machine and provide an ideal viewing angle.  
  • Stylish cheese boards
  • Simple heart shaped chopping boards
  • Fabulous personalised trivets  - ideas like 'hot stuff', 'hot chick', 'to hot to handle'
  • Book ends - we split a chunk of oak around a fabulous knot,   either end makes and brilliant book end
  • Wellington boot holders and stands -  we  make solid stands and hangers of any shape and size.  
  • Wellington boot jacks,   the simple clean way of removing your filthy boots.
  • Indoor and outdoor Heavy Oak door stops.   Hemp with character full knotty wood. 
  • Wine racks and bottle holders
  • Photo Frames
  • Mirrors
  • Lamps and lamp shades
  if you cant find exactly what you need we will be happy top assist.

Rustic naturally inspired  products for the home

We make a range of exciting natural products for your home.   Inspired by rustic, primitive shabby chick designs.   Practical, chic and simple.

  • A Large range of tables - from small 4 seaters  for intimate settings to massive 5 meter banquet style tables perfect for a shooting lunch or family large gathering.
  • Indoor logstore bench and tables - Making best use of your space for airing your wood supply for daily burning.  
  • Perfect simple storage solutions.
  • Coat hangers and hooks sold by the length to exactly fit you wall space.
  • Benches and stools - To help children reach, enjoy family activities and become more independent.
  • Wellington boot racks and holders
  • Door stops and wedges
  • Boot Stools - perfect stools for changing and removing your boots
  • Coffee tables
  • Kitchen stands for your books or iPad - perfect to the perfect viewing angle
  • Long personalised benches - perfect for creating a happy, friendly, casual and communal eating atmosphere.
  • Children's toys -  building blocks and traditional toys
  • Sturdy Playroom benches and storage solutions

  if you cant find exactly what you need we will be happy top assist.

Natural oak products for the Garden 

diBosco believe outdoor living provides a most valuable time for children and family alike.   Clearly the British weather is not ideal but a fabulous family lunch on massive garden table is hard to beat.    We appreciate the simple things in life and believe children will benefit from self directed learning and exploration, whatever the weather.  We make a range of products to try and help engage, excite and bring the family together.

  • Huge family swings (engraved with your names, if that makes you happy)
  • A range range of small button swings for more wild adventure
  • Beautiful rustic swings for all occasions.  
  • Rope - Synthetic and natural -We can make up rope to suite your location.   We find the higher  and longer the swing the more fun and higher the relaxation.
  • Tables large and small.  Square tables, rectangular tables and the most convivial large round tables.
  • Bespoke tree houses and platforms - to allow you and your children to enjoy the view and explore their imagination.
  • Outdoor play equipment
  if you cant find exactly what you need we will be happy top assist.
A growing range of accessories
  • Oak Lamp shades
  • Oak Door Stops
  • Oak Door wedges
  • Solid table and standing Lamps
  • Mirrors
  • Wine bottle racks  
  • IPad, iPhone and tablets stands
  • Trivets
  • Candle holders - tee light holders 
  • Wellington boot stands and racks
  • Book ends
  • Cheese and chopping boards 
  • Loo roll holders

  if you cant find exactly what you need we will be happy top assist.

Bespoke oak, rustic furniture and accessories for the home and garden

We will be delighted to discuss specific commissions,   if you can't find what your looking for on the web or indeed our website site we will relish the opportunity to meet your design brief.  

We happily compete on price with the trash, mass manufactured products made in china. Sourcing locally mean the lower transport costs easily counteract the differing labour rates.  

 we will be happy top assist with any requiremetns for naturally inspired, rustic products.

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