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About diBoscos' natural products - inspired by the nautral forms of the forest (diBosco)

Each of our diBosco banded products are unique and have been hand crafted by artisans in our Oxfordshire studio.  We are delighted to tailor our current range to your specific requirements or produce any bespoke products, please get in touch.

Our green oak has been recently felled and carefully hand crafted into unique products. As the wood dries it will move, emphasising the grain and adding unique character. The colour will gradually change from golden yellow to a stunning silvery grey as the tanins surface. Rather like a fine wine, our products will only improve with age as long as you treat them with respect.

Our furniture and accessories made for use inside are made from  carefully selected oak from English woodland in Perton, Staffordshire and the Longleat Estate in Wiltshire.

We are always looking to find authentic talented artisans who hand make natural products, and want to discuss and find a route to market. You may be an artist, craftsman or even newly qualified art students, we aim to support anyone with an abundance of talent, ideas and enthusiasm, in need of a platform.  Contact us through this website, via LinkedIn, Google+ or Facebook.  Join us then follow us all on Twitter.

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